Graduate Support

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Did you know that 50% of graduate students offered a place at Cambridge turn it down due to finances?

We currently lose more prospective graduate students because of a lack of funding than for any other reason.

Postgraduate qualifications are required for an increasing number of career paths. But with huge fees and living costs, the reality is that accessing a graduate education is impossible for many.

Steep increases to the cost of living are impacting graduate students too. In fact, the University recently recommended a 10% increase in maintenance costs. That’s around £1500 extra per student. Thankfully, donations allowed us to provide this for the students who needed it most. You can help ensure this increased support is available year-on-year.

We believe that finances should never prevent students from fulfilling their academic potential. Graduate students enrich our intellectual community and undertake exciting and impactful research that benefits wider society.

Your gift today will help us get a step closer to a future where no graduate student offered a place at Emma must decline it due to finances.

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