Access and Outreach

£5,867 has been raised from 40 donors.

Last year you helped us reach an incredible 4700 pupils with our access initiatives. This year our Schools Liaison Officer aims, with your help, to reach and raise the aspirations of 6000 pupils. You can help us make this ambition a reality.

We care deeply about making Emma more accessible to bright and hard-working students from all backgrounds. Your donations enable our SLO to deliver an exciting programme of access and outreach activities for schools in our Link Areas (Sheffield and Essex). These include:

  • Workshops and presentations (for example, a ‘day in the life’ of an Emma student)
  • Tours of college and Q&As with current students
  • ECSU BME Shadowing Scheme & the Access Bus
  • Partnerships with organisations such as The Brilliant Club. We hosted their Scholars Programme graduations at Emma last year.

Many young people we work with in our Link Areas may never have been told that university could be an option for them. Let alone Cambridge. Taking part in our outreach work could inspire a student to apply to university and give them the tools to do so.

We know that diverse perspectives drive up academic standards. So improving access has important benefits for Emma’s intellectual community and reputation too. It benefits us all to be part of a community which better reflects wider society.

But a lack of funding is still a major barrier for many schools who want to work with us. Some schools can't afford to visit Cambridge. Yet we know these visits, combined with other activities, have a big impact on aspirations. Your support could help cover travel costs for more schools wanting to visit Emma.

Your gift today could help us reach more young people with our access initiatives this year than ever before. By giving, you'll help us raise their aspirations and potentially change their lives.

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